Responsables pédagogique

Responsibilities of teaching managers
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Duties of teaching managers

The duties of team leaders in training fields, streams and specialties are set out in Executive Decree no. 08-130 of 27 RabieEthani 1429 corresponding to May 3, 2008, on the special status of teacher-researchers.  Tasks and prerogatives are specified to support the administrative managers of faculties and departments.

Specialty manager

Coordinates the activities of the specialty team, which is the training team.
Ensures that the teaching activities set out in the course brochure are carried out.
Oversees the organization, implementation and monitoring of internships.
Coordinates the evaluation of his/her specialty within the framework of Quality Assurance.
Assists the Head of Department in educational management.
Participates as a guest in meetings of the department's scientific committee.
Department Manager

Coordinates the activities of the Filière team, made up of the heads of the Filière's specialties.
Ensures bridges between specialties, particularly for access to Master's specialties.
Ensures the pooling of human and material resources, and pedagogical coordination for shared and cross-disciplinary teaching.
Ensures the relevance of the courses offered in the field, and gives its opinion on the opening or freezing of specialties.
Participates in setting up and monitoring the tutoring program, particularly in terms of information and guidance.
Coordinates the evaluation of specialties within the Quality Assurance framework.
Assists the Head of Department.
Participates as a guest in meetings of the departmental scientific committee.
Area Manager

Coordinates the activities of the Domain team, which is made up of the stream managers.
Responsible for welcoming, informing and guiding students, especially new baccalaureate holders.
Coordinates pedagogical activities in the common core,
Coordinates and evaluates tutoring activities within the common core.
Ensures the coherence of the Domain's training offer.
Ensures bridges between the Domain's courses.
Coordinates the evaluation of the Domain's training programs as part of Quality Assurance.
Assists the administrative managers of the Faculties and Departments.
Participates as a guest in scientific council meetings.

The tasks thus defined place the various managers in a framework of concerted action, where the notion of a team for the field, stream or speciality is reinforced, rather than that of a Manager.  These managers may be entrusted with other pedagogical tasks not mentioned above.