Transfer: Baccalauréat 2023

Baccalaureate holders registered in August 2023 and wishing to transfer to another stream have access to a transfer platform on the dedicated websites.

The transfer request must be made exclusively online.

After review, a reply will be sent to the applicant.

The applicant must either validate his or her new registration, or maintain his or her initial registration.

The transfer schedule will be set at a later date.

The heads of higher education and training establishments and the directors of university works are asked to take all necessary steps to ensure the widest possible dissemination to new baccalaureate holders and their parents of the contents of the present circular and of all information relating to higher education courses, the diplomas awarded and the conditions of access to university works.

It is also advisable to point out that this circular is available in digital and interactive format, along with the guide for new baccalaureate holders, which can be downloaded from dedicated websites.

Transfer: Baccalaureate prior to 2023

Transfer to the 8 mai 1945 Guelma University is done online.

Nota :

The transfer of holders of the Baccalauréat prior to 2019 obeys the note issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (to download).
Transfer formalities are carried out either at the end of the academic year or at the beginning of each academic year.
Transfer is not a right.
Transfer requests must be justified.
Students regularly enrolled at one university and wishing to transfer to another must submit a request to the latter, through the university channel.
There are two types of transfer 
External transfer

For students registered outside the requested institution.

Internal transfer

For students enrolled at the same requested institution.

Transfer is subject to the following rules:

Minimum registration marks for the year of Bac
Geographical area
Number of teaching places available
Implementation formalities adopted by the institution for each academic year
The External Transfer must be jointly agreed between the two establishments.
Transfer application :

Transfer form (download request for External Transfer -3 copies) valid for transfer outside Guelma.
Copy of Baccalauréat transcript.
Certificate of enrolment for the current year.
Transcripts for all years of university study.
Documents justifying the transfer.